Raising a child with hemophilia

My beautiful first-born Walter D. Trammell born with Hemophilia A the most severe type. He wasn’t easily diagnosed with this sickness, it took three months for the doctors to find it. When Walter was first-born me an his dad were so happy and proud of our new baby boy. We had no idea what was to come with this miracle son of ours.

As me and his dad sat in the room admiring our new-born son, we noticed the color of his skin was green. I immediately called a nurse in, but by the time the nurse arrived his color was normal. The nurse claimed it was the lighting in the room, but we knew something was wrong. The day we were suppose to leave the hospital Walter still hadn’t latched on which is always a sign of trouble. He was then sent to the NICU, little did we know he would spend his next month of life there. We left him in the NICU that night only to come back the next morning with him covered in tubes.

Apparently, when he turned a different color he was having a seizure, and not breathing properly. Tears fell down my eyes, and I later found out my boyfriend went in the bathroom and cried. This was the first sign that something was wrong with Walter but no doctor knew what the exact problem was. The doctors said he had to stay until he was able to eat and control his own body temperature. This sounded easy but it was a long depressing process.


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