Struggling hemophilia mom

nissanNow first and foremost I love my son, and I’ve accepted his illness. However, with that being said I still get frustrated with what comes along with this illness. Sometimes I get mad when people complain about having to take off work because their child is sick. I honestly want to tell them be grateful your child has a simple sickness. Be grateful you don’t have to spend weeks in the hospital. Be grateful you never have to feel bad about not being able to sit at the hospital all day with your child because work is a necessity.


Sometimes when I’m at the hospital I look at other parents who are there months at a time. They help me stay encouraged because I could only imagine what they go through. Now the issue with Walters hemophilia is his inhibitor and random infections. A child with hemophilia and an inhibitor is a whole different level of treatment.


Now I know that the more I’m educated with his illness the easier it will probably be. Eventually, I want to speak at events for hemophilia and be a hemophilia advocate.


Raising a Child with Hemophilia

After one week of having Walter at home he was due for a doctors visit. It was a regular check up however, when Walter was in the hospital they did something called a spinal tap. The spinal tap left a hematoma in the middle of Walters back. This is when things took a turn in Walters life.  Once the hematoma was witnessed Walter was sent to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis MN. They diagnosed almost immediately with Hemophilia A.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images