Back in the hospital

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. My poor hemophiliac son is back in the hospital and it’s for an infection. We’ve already been here for one week. IMG_0177.JPG


Raising a Child with Hemophilia: The next step

Now a little advice for parents dealing with hemophilia for the first time. It sucks when you first find out. It was almost unbelievable to me. Men don’t carry the gene so Walter would have got it from me. Because I was adopted and I don’t know who my biological father is I will never know if this runs in my family. Sometimes I felt as though it was my fault, and I didn’t feel it was fair. I didn’t like for people to ask me questions about Walter because I didn’t feel it was their business. However, I’ve grown a lot since then and I’m not embarrassed by it, and I don’t want Walter to be.


Walter’s Hickman line got infected and that infected his blood. A blood infection could be deadly and I honestly told the doctor I don’t like the Hickman. Walter was around 6months at this time, and they said his hickman line could be replaced with a portacath. Now the portacath could be placed under his skin and the risk of infection is lower. However, with a portacath it has to accessed with a need and Owen and I would have to learn. Later on in my blogs I will have a video of me accessing Walters Port and giving him the factor VIII.

Raising a Child with Hemophilia

My first thought to finding out my child had hemophilia was, “How are we going to deal with this?” I was currently a second year student and all of this was happening around finals. I immediately thought the worst. I felt like he wouldn’t be able to have a normal childhood. I also felt as though his father and I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the goals we wanted to in life. I knew I needed to educate myself on this illness. The first step the doctors had to make was putting a hickman line in Walter’s chest, for him to get factor VIII. Walter had to get a hickman because he was a baby and that’s the smallest thing you can put in a baby. Factor VIII is a medicine that helps the blood clot. It is something a hemophiliac needs.

hickmanTaking care of a central line was much more harder than I thought. We weren’t told of how easy these lines can get infected; especially with a baby.